Thelma Riley – The Early Years and Marriage to Ozzy Osbourne


Thelma Riley may be best known for her brief marriage to the legendary heavy metal musician, Ozzy Osbourne. However, she was much more than just a footnote in his life. Thelma was a remarkable woman in her own right, who lived a fascinating life before and after her marriage to Ozzy. In this article, we will take a closer look at Thelma Riley’s early years, her marriage to Ozzy Osbourne, and her life beyond the spotlight.

Early Life Of Thelma Riley:

Thelma Riley was born in England in 1949. Little is known about her early life, but it is believed that she grew up in the West Midlands area. She met Ozzy Osbourne in the late 1960s when she was just 18 years old. At the time, Ozzy was the lead vocalist of Black Sabbath, one of the biggest rock bands in the world.

Marriage to Ozzy Osbourne:

Thelma and Ozzy got married in 1971, shortly after the release of Black Sabbath’s third album, “Master of Reality.” The couple had two children together, Jessica Starshine and Louis John before their marriage ended in 1982.

Thelma’s marriage to Ozzy was far from easy. Ozzy was struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, and Thelma found it challenging to cope with his erratic behavior. Despite this, she remained committed to him and their family.

After the marriage ended, Thelma kept a low profile and remained out of the public eye. She focused on raising her children and building a new life for herself.

Life Beyond the Spotlight:

After her divorce from Ozzy, Thelma went on to lead a private life away from the spotlight. She stayed out of the public eye and did not seek fame or attention. Thelma was known for her love of animals and spent much of her time rescuing and caring for abandoned dogs.

Thelma’s dedication to animal welfare was well-known among her friends and family. She even turned her home into a sanctuary for abandoned dogs, providing them with a safe and loving environment.


Thelma Riley may be best known for her brief marriage to Ozzy Osbourne, but she was much more than just a rockstar’s ex-wife. Thelma lived a fascinating life before and after her marriage to Ozzy, and her dedication to animal welfare was a testament to her kind and compassionate nature. While she may have stayed out of the public eye, her impact on those around her was significant, and her legacy lives on.

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