6 Common First Aid Errors and How to Avoid Them

Many people who experience a major injury make unintentional mistakes when it comes to first aid. It might sound inconceivable, but it’s the truth.

If you’re someone that deals with injuries on a regular basis, then you’ll be more familiar with the first-aid blunders that people make. If not, then keep reading as we’re going to shed some light on common first aid errors as well as how you can avoid them.

With that in mind, let’s jump right in.

1. Failing to Recognize Signs of Shock or Head Injuries

Signs of shock include paleness, trembling, confusion, sweating, and an inability to focus. Signs of head injury can include headaches, vomiting, blurred or impaired vision, and balance issues.

If a person is displaying these symptoms, it is important to get medical help immediately. First aiders can help by checking the person’s vitals, such as pulse, temperature, and blood pressure, to assess any signs of physical shock.

2. Neglecting to Check for Signs of Life

If a person is unresponsive, it’s essential to check for signs of life, including breathing and pulse. When rendering first aid, approach the patient, kneel down, and check the chest for movement.

Place your ear near their mouth, or even on their chest, and listen for breathing. If a pulse isn’t detected, first responders should begin proper CPR.

3. Not Being Properly Certified as First-Aid Provider

To provide adequate care, one must have proper training and certification to be considered a qualified first-aid provider. It is essential to research which certifications are required for providing first aid in specific situations.

Signing up for a first-aid course can provide the necessary certification and knowledge. Learn more about bloodborne pathogens, methods of transmission, exposure, safety considerations, and more.

4. Moving an Injured Person

Moving an injured person can be dangerous and can worsen existing injuries. Before you move an injured person, you should always check that they are medically stable and that the area you are moving them to is safe.

Additionally, be sure to use appropriate lifting techniques and tools, especially when the injured person is heavier than you. Never move an injured person by yourself if possible and always ensure that you have proper assistance to move the person safely.

5. Administering Incorrect Medications

It is vital to ensure that medications are accurately identified and administered in the correct dosages. To avoid administering incorrect medications, double-check the label of the medication and its dosage before taking action. If unsure, check with the patient’s doctor or call Poison Control for advice.

6. Not Seeking Care After an Accident

Even minor injuries can carry complications if left unchecked, so it is important to get them evaluated properly. Prioritize your own safety and seek medical attention if it is warranted. Do not take matters into your own hands and underestimate the severity of the injury.

Do not wait too long or brush off any potential risks associated with not seeking medical attention. Make sure to consult a medical expert about your injury and start a treatment plan if necessary.

Strategies for Avoiding Common First Aid Errors

Common first-aid errors are surprisingly frequent and can lead to further injuries or complications. Learning how to recognize, avoid, and remedy these errors can improve the quality of life of first aid recipients.

Developing a plan, staying informed, and having the right supplies can ensure that first aid is applied correctly in an emergency. To get started, take a first aid training course, stock an emergency first aid kit, and stay informed.

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