The Cost of Going Green: Everything You Need to Know

The Cost of Going Green! In recent years, eco-awakening or environmental awareness has made steady growth. Public concern increased by 16 percent during the pandemic. Going green is not only great for the environment but also for your pocket.

While these growing numbers are great, the movement is still clouded with doubts, especially regarding costs. Find out the real costs of going green in this article below.

For Food

When you go green in food, you make adjustments in your diet. Instead of non-organic products, you can opt for local produce. This also means steering clear of products harvested with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

One of the major reasons organic food is more expensive is the extra farming costs. But while the cost of going green in food is twice as much, it doesn’t mean that they will always be expensive.

Instead of buying your products at stores, you can go to the nearest organic farm and buy there. You can also cut costs by growing your own food in your backyard.

Having your own garden space lowers your food costs in the long run. Aside from that, you’re assured that what you eat is organic.


For over a century, the world has relied on fossil fuels for energy. From buildings to transportation, different fossil fuels have been a source of power worldwide.

But nowadays, technologies have started making use of renewable energy sources. While that may be so, people and businesses still go for fossil fuels. This is due to them being more cost-effective than renewable energy despite the pollution problems they bring.

However, replacing the use of fossil fuels is still impossible right now. The efficiency of renewable energy plants is still insufficient. However, it’s better to start investing in renewable energy sources like solar energy.

Having solar panels installed in your homes is a great energy investment. In the US, solar installation services like Raven Solar are growing. While they can be a bit expensive, you can save a lot on your energy bills as time passes on.

Real Estate And Tenancy

One of the biggest challenges for many property owners going green is the cost. Designing and building green buildings often cost more than usual. Aside from that, there are also the costs for certifications.

The initial thought of having a green building can be daunting. But when developers and owners get the cost-benefit analysis of going green, they’ll realize how big of an investment it is.

Buildings with environmental design certifications have higher leases. Despite that, occupancy rates are also high. Aside from that, they have lower utility and operational rates.

The real cost of going green in real estate is with the tenants. The rent may be higher, but there are more savings on utilities.

Your Quick Guide To The Costs Of Going Green

Going green is often related to being expensive. While that may be true on some things, it doesn’t mean you don’t have any alternatives to lessen your costs. Keep in mind that the cost of going green is all a part of a big investment.

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