What Is Lawn Fertilizer Made From?

Lawn fertilizer is a commercial product or natural substance that provides nutrients for lawns. This helps keep your lawn healthy by encouraging new growth.

Synthetic fertilizers may have a more pronounced environmental impact, so it’s best practice to use a lawn fertilizer service that uses natural ingredients. Here are the main ingredients of lawn fertilizer: 

1. Nitrogen

Nitrogen is the nutrient primarily responsible for encouraging new growth. This new growth helps and keeps your lawn lush and green.

Natural minerals like ammonium nitrate and nitrogen are some sources of nitrogen used in lawn fertilizers. Nitrogen is also available from animal byproducts like poultry manure or synthetic inorganic sources like urea or cyanamide.

Nitrogen helps grass absorb sunlight and encourages water retention in its roots. Sunlight absorption and water retention help nourish every part of the grass, from the grassroots to the turf blades. 

2. Phosphorous

Phosphorous is another commonly used ingredient in fertilizer. Its primary use is to help the lawn reach maturity quickly. Phosphorous encourages firm root and stem formation in plants. This helps make your lawn more robust when it is appropriately applied.

Phosphorous helps build robust root systems. Stronger root systems make your lawn resilient to harsh conditions like droughts. This will help keep it looking good year-round. A good quality fertilizer will contain ample amounts of both phosphorus and nitrogen. 

3. Potassium

The third major component of good lawn fertilizer is potassium, which activates enzymes that aid plant growth. Potassium promotes the circulation of nutrients.

Potassium helps plants synthesize starches and proteins. It also assists with nutrient and water uptake, which helps grass build thick cell walls.

Applying potassium early in the season will help your lawn handles hazards like diseases, heat, or cold. Potassium encourages fluid circulation in the grass, spreading nutrients throughout the plant. This gives it resistance to ecological changes and will help make lawn care easier.

Potassium is commonly included in fertilizers as potash, a salt that contains potassium in a water-soluble form. Potash can be manufactured or obtained naturally. Common sources of potassium for fertilizers include potassium chloride and potassium sulfate. 

Choosing the Right Lawn Fertilizer Service

Lawn fertilizer is made of a complex combination of various compounds. It also includes soil conditioners like compost, earthworm castings, and organic mulch.

These ingredients aid in balancing the pH levels in soil that may otherwise be too acidic or alkaline for optimal grass health.

Lawn fertilizer should be used only as directed. Failure to do so can not only damage your lawn but can also have a negative environmental impact.

Potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen can be used in different amounts. You should research the fertilizer you use to guarantee that your grass receives appropriate nutrition.

The lawn fertilizer service you hire can make a huge difference in the health of your lawn. A professional lawn fertilizer service has the knowledge and products to provide lawn fertilization tailored to your lawn’s needs. This guarantees that your lawn will receive the proper nutrients and stay healthy for years. 

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