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How to Protect Your Cable Connection

Protect Your Cable Connection! Cable and internet providers can streamline your online connection and help you protect the plug-in center. Wired internet involves connecting Ethernet cables to devices like laptops or smart televisions.

Protecting your cable connection will prevent possible damages that could force you to incur some replacement costs. Your house will be safer and less cluttered by cords. Here are some key tips to help you protect your cable connection.

Pen Springs

Fraying is a common form of damage that occurs on vulnerable cables. Rodent chewing, heat, or even old age are major causes of fraying in internet cables. This can cause the live wires in the cables to get exposed, increasing the risks of electrocution. 

Pen strings are the cheapest and most convenient protective methods to consider. The first step is to get a retractable pen. Next, remove the spring from the pen, outstretch it, and wrap it around your internet cord.

Note that you need to reinforce the spring around the cord’s end. One disadvantage of pen strings is that they are not stiff. This method is most effective if your internet wires aren’t exposed to extreme damage. Some online retailers sell pen springs individually to wrap cables. 

Spiral Wrap

A spiral wrap can help to hold multiple cables together. Unlike many other methods, spiral wraps allow for flexibility. The installation of spiral cable wrap is a simple process. First, arrange your internet cables into a bundle. Next, measure your cable bundle’s outside diameter to determine the correct size of the spiral wrap. Lastly, wrap up your cable bundle. You don’t need any tool to apply a spiral wrap on your internet cables/cords. 

Resistance to abrasion makes spiral wraps long-lasting. Spiral wraps are useful if you want to protect your cables without spending a lot of money.

Plastic Welding

Liquid plastic welding can protect your cables from further damage. You can choose liquid plastic from many available brands. Bondic is among the best liquid plastic brands for fixing your frayed cables. This method can help to reattach cables that have separated due to damage. 

Once you get the plastic liquid, apply it to the frayed part of the cord. You will then need to use an LED light to dry and cure the liquid plastic after the welding process.

Liquid plastics offer permanent protection to the cables. This process can be more expensive than other methods so it is less common. It may be dangerous due to the welding. You will need to use adequate safety gear if you choose to use this method. A plastic welding kit is often sold at hardware stores and online retailers. 

Electric Tape

The electrical tape helps to insulate your electricity cables. Rubber tape is the first type of electric tape you can choose. Unlike other tapes, rubber tapes lack adhesive, but it is elastic and can adhere to themselves. Vinyl tape is also another option to consider. The tape is good for insulation and can repair cuts on your cables. Unlike rubber tape, vinyl tapes are adhesive.

Other electric tapes you can choose from are mastic tapes or varnished cambric tapes. Electric tapes come in varying lengths and sizes.

Different electric tapes also have different colors. The characteristic enables various users to color-code their different cords and wires. Consider moisture/water resistance when buying electrical tape. Rubber electrical tapes are more resistant to moisture than other options. 

Flexibility is also a key consideration when buying electrical tape for your cable repair. Vinyl and rubber tapes are the most flexible options. Other factors of consideration are tape stretch, code of compliance, and ease of use. Electric tape is fairly inexpensive.

Vinyl Tubing

Vinyl tubing is good for protecting your new cables. This method is flexible, easy to use, and less costly. 

Vinyl tubing can protect your cables from rodents as well as pets. The method will protect your cables from foot traffic, water, and chemical hazards. 

One factor to consider when choosing vinyl tubing is the length. Diameter, temperature range, and pressure rating are other factors to consider.

Protecting Your Cables

Your internet routers and devices are likely to last longer than the cables. Instead of purchasing a new device when the cable’s inner cords are exposed, try wrapping them. These methods can protect cords after damage and prevent further damage from occurring. You can wrap your cords immediately after installing a device if you are concerned about damage. Make sure to research the method that is the most compatible with your devices. 

Cable and Internet Providers

Your internet cables and wires need maximum protection to last as long as the devices. DIY cable protection can be difficult. Reach out to cable and internet providers for advice on the best method based on your products. You can protect your physical cables while using fast internet services.

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