3 Cool Ways to Have Fun in the Water With the Family

Bonding is an essential part of fostering loving relationships between family members. It’s imperative if you have young children.

There are many ways you can bond with your family. One of the best ways to connect is to have fun in the water together. This is ideal for summer fun and gives your kids a reason to learn how to swim.

Some water activities can involve supplies like water guns and sprinklers, so be sure to stock up on these before the holiday begins.

If you want ideas on how to spend time together on the water, keep reading. Here are five ways to have fun in the water for all ages.

1. Play “Marco Polo”

Marco Polo is one of the first games kids learn to play in the swimming pool. It needs at least two people to play. It starts with someone playing their turn with their eyes closed. This is so they cannot see the other players’ positions.

The leader will call out “Marco,” and the other players must call “Polo” in response. This gives the leader an idea of where the other players are. The leader aims to catch each player without opening their eyes. The first one to be tagged is typically the next leader.

2. Sponge Toss

This is a simple but entertaining game for adults and kids alike. There is no age limit, and it only requires minimal supplies. You want to gather four buckets and several large sponges for this family time game.

For this game, you need enough players to make two teams. The buckets are placed on either side of the play area; one bucket is empty, and the other is filled with water.

The game aims for the player with the full bucket to get the sponge to their team member by the empty bucket. The sponge is wrung out into the bucket, and the first team to fill their bucket with water wins.

3. Sea Toys

This idea is excellent if you have a bit of money to spend. Taking your family to a water park is a great time together. The water park will have rides for all ages, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy, and you can rent sea toys to play with. For example, find underwater sea scooters here.

The park will also have food stalls and refreshments, which can be used as bonding time while everyone eats together. Try spending as much time at the water park so your family can experience everything.

Have Fun in the Water With Your Family Today

Spending time with your family is essential to foster strong relationships. If you have young kids, finding ways to keep them entertained can be challenging, but there are lots of choices if you want fun in the water. Games like Marco Polo, water balloons, and renting sea toys can be fun, family-friendly water activities.

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